Charlie Richardson
The Addington, 33a Addington Square, Camberwell, London

Charlie Richardson Image Source: Book cover

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Name: Charlie Richardson
Category: Gangster

Person Summary:

Charlie Richardson (18 January 1934 – 19 September 2012)[3] was born in Camberwell, south-east London. His younger brother Eddie was born in January 1936, followed in 1940 by the youngest sibling, Alan. Charlie and Eddie turned to a life of crime after the departure of their father, Charlie invested in scrap metal while Eddie operated fruit machines.

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Years of Residence: 1951 - 1966
Source: Book: The London Compendium

Residence Summary:

Gangster bought this two-storey property and the yard as a scrap metal business and in 1957 converted it into a drinking club.

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The Addington
33a Addington Square
United Kingdom

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