Dan Aykroyd
7708 Woodrow Wilson Drive, Los Angeles, California

Dan Aykroyd Image Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dan_Aykroyd

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Name: Dan Aykroyd
Category: Actor

Person Summary:

Dan Aykroyd (1952-).Canadian actor & comedian,best known for his roles in classic 70's & 80's comedies Ghostbusters (1984),its 1989 sequel,also Spies Like Us (1985),Trading Places (1983),alongside Eddie Murphy.Alongside Murphy,he was a host in the early years of the US sketch show,Saturday Night Live,^ with SNL cast member John Belushi,created The Blues Brothers comic/blues musicians characters,spawning the hit 1980 comedy musical film

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Years of Residence: Unknown - 2007
Source: http://thehollywoodhome.com/luminaries-of-the-canyon-laurel-canyons-most-star-studded-home/

Residence Summary:

Dan Aykroyd (b1952-).Canadian actor,musician and comedian,lived here,repuedly reporting it haunted by Cass Elliot.

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7708 Woodrow Wilson Drive
Los Angeles

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