Alfred Russell Wallace
Wallace House, 5 St Andrews Street, Hertford, Hertfordshire

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Name: Alfred Russell Wallace
Category: Naturalist

Person Summary:

Alfred Russell Wallace (1823-1913).English naturalist and explorer,who pioneered evolutionary theory independently and at the same time as Charles Darwin.He co-published with Darwin,on their theories,& Darwin later wrote his On The Origin of Species.Wallace extensively explored the Amazon rainforest & the Malay archipelago,in the latter,defining what will become known as the Wallace line that separates & defines Asian species from Australasian species

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Years of Residence: 1828 - 1834
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Residence Summary:

Alfred Russell Wallace (1823-1913).English naturalist,pioneer of evolutionary theory,lived his childhood here.1828-c1834

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Wallace House
5 St Andrews Street
SG14 1HZ
United Kingdom

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Wallace's house is now occupied by an NHS surgery.It occupies No's 5 to 11

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