Nicolas Flamel
51 Rue De Montmorency, Paris, Paris

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Name: Nicolas Flamel
Category: Philosopher

Person Summary:

Nicolas Flamel (ca1340-1418).French scribe,manuscript dealer,& more well known as an alchemist,a form of spiritual philosophy.He is best known for his alleged discovery of the legendary 'Philosophers Stone',a way of turning base metals into gold,& what has featured in many folklore,literary & media sources since his lifetime.He is also claimed to have discovered the elixir of life,to achieve legendary immortality.

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Years of Residence: 1401 - 1418

Residence Summary:

Nicolas Flamel (c1340-1418).French alchemist,who :discovered" the legendary "Philosophers Stone",lived here from 1407 to 1418

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51 Rue De Montmorency

Abode Summary:

Built for Nicolas Flamel,which he used as an inn for the poor,it is the oldest stone house in Paris.The ground floor is now the Auberge Nicolas Flamel restaurant.The nearby road was renamed in Flamel's honour,as Rue du Flamel

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