Thomas Jefferson
Poplar Forest, 1542 Bateman Bridge Road, Forest, Virginia

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Name: Thomas Jefferson
Category: Politician

Person Summary:

Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826).3rd president of the United States,in office from 1801 to 1809.He was a key figure in America's war of Independence against Britain,from 1765 to 1783,representing Virginia,and is regarded as one of the more prominent Founding Fathers,noted as the principle architect of the Declaration of Independence.He had varied interests as a farmer,inventor & architect (Virginia State Capitol,Richmond Virginia),bibliophile & linguist

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Years of Residence: 1810 - 1823

Residence Summary:

Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826).3rd President & Founding Father of the United States of America,lived here infrequently from 1810 to 1823.

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Poplar Forest
1542 Bateman Bridge Road

Abode Summary:

Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826),America Founding Father & 3rd President,inherited this land through marriage in 1773,though paid little attention till 1810.Since then he developed it into a working estate,infrequently staying here.Since then it has become National Site on the Historic register,& a focus of archaeological and historical research.

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