William Bendix
4845 Oak Park Avenue, Los Angeles, California

William Bendix Image Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Bendix

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Name: William Bendix
Category: Actor

Person Summary:

William Bendix (1906-1964).American film,radio,& television actor,who typically played rough,blue-collar characters.He is best remembered in films for the title role in The Babe Ruth Story.He also memorably portrayed the clumsily-earnest aircraft plant worker Chester.A.Riley in radio and television's The Life of Riley.He received an Academy Award nomination as Best Supporting Actor for Wake Island (1942).

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Years of Residence: 1961 - 1964
Source: movielanddirectory.com/star.cfm?star=24164

Residence Summary:

William Bendix (1906-1964).US actor (Guadalcanal Diary,The Babe Ruth Story,The Life of Riley tv series) lived here at the time of his death.

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4845 Oak Park Avenue
Los Angeles

Abode Summary:

Situated in the Encino neighbourhood in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles

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