Ulysses S.Grant
Ulysses.S.Grant Birthplace, 1551 State Route 232, Point Pleasant, Ohio

Ulysses S.Grant Image Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ulysses_S._Grant

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Name: Ulysses S.Grant
Category: Politician

Person Summary:

Ulysses.S.Grant (1822-1885).American military General and Politician.He played a pivotal role during the American civil War 1861-1865,rising to the rank of General in command of all of the Union forces,and facing off against Confederate General Robert.E.Lee in several key battles.Lee surrendered to him at Appomattox Court House,Virginia,in 1865. Grant went on to serve two terms as US President 1869-1877,aiding efforts to remove the vestiges of Confederate nationalism and slavery.

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Years of Residence: 1822 - 1823
Source: www.usgrantbirthplace.org

Residence Summary:

Ulysses.S.Grant (1822-1885).18th President of the USA,and a prominent Union General in the American Civil war,was born here in 1822.

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Ulysses.S.Grant Birthplace
1551 State Route 232
Point Pleasant

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