Sir Charles Pole,1st Baronet
Wall Hall Mansion, Wall Hall Drive, Watford, Hertfordshire

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Name: Sir Charles Pole,1st Baronet
Category: Sailor

Person Summary:

Sir Charles Pole (1757-1830).British Royal Navy officer,who saw action in the American War of Independence,the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars,serving as captain on numerous ships (HMS Colossus,Melampus,Illustrious etc),rising to the rank of Admiral,& Lord Commissioner of the Admiralty,and he served as Governor of the Bank of England,in 1820.

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Years of Residence: 1810 - 1830

Residence Summary:

Sir Charles Pole (1757-1830).British colonial Royal Navy Admiral & Governor of the Bank of England,lived & died here.1810 to 1830

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Wall Hall Mansion
Wall Hall Drive
WD25 8BZ
United Kingdom

Abode Summary:

Wall Hall was originally called Aldenham Abbey,and was built in a gothic style before 1812

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