George Peabody Gooch
Upway Corner, Upway, Chalfont St Peter, Bucks

George Peabody Gooch Image Source: National Portrait Gallery

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Name: George Peabody Gooch
Category: Historian

Person Summary:

George Peabody Gooch OM (21 October 1873 – 31 August 1968) was a British journalist, historian and Liberal Party MP for Bath. A follower of Lord Acton, he never held an academic position, but knew the work of historians of continental Europe. He edited the Contemporary Review for 49 years and obtained as contributors a long line of eminent politicians, diplomats, publicists and academics. His most important contribution to diplomatic history was his stress on primary not secondary sources.

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Years of Residence: 1941 - 1968
Source: Book by Henry Butterworth

Residence Summary:

George Peabody Gooch lived in Upway Corner from 1941 until 1968. His beloved German wife Sophie Elsie Schön, who he met in Berlin, lived at Upway until her earlier death. Independently wealthy, Gooch combined historical work with philanthropy and politics. He knew General Eisenhower and Winston Churchill who visited Upway Corner. During WW2 he helped Jews escaping Germany and many eminent politicians attended his funeral in 1968.He is buried in Chalfont St Peter.

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Upway Corner
Chalfont St Peter
S19 0AG

Abode Summary:

1930s Four Bedroomed Detatched House.

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