Richard D'Oyly Carte
The Savoy Hotel, Strand, Westminster, London

Richard D'Oyly  Carte Image Source: Wikipedia

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Name: Richard D'Oyly Carte
Category: Impresario

Person Summary:

Richard D'Oyly Carte (1844-1901), English born Theatre impressario and theatre owner.

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Years of Residence: 1889 - 1903
Source: Wikipedia

Residence Summary:

Richard D'Oyly Carte (1844-1901),English Theatre Impresario had this hotel built and opened in 1889,next to his Savoy Theatre (1881),and often stayed here during performances.

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The Savoy Hotel
United Kingdom

Abode Summary:

The Savoy Hotel was opened in 1889 under the auspices of Richard D'Oyly Carte (1844-1901),English Theatrical Impresario,who owned the Savoy Theatre (1881),next door. Since its opening,the Savoy Hotel has played host to a great many notable guests,from Singers of stage & screen,artists,actors,directors,musicians,politicians and many more.

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