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Is the site for only British notable abodes?

No, any notable abode anywhere in the world is welcome.

What constitutes notable?

This is difficult to quantify as “notable” could be in the eye of the beholder.

The address could be notable for any reason although, principally, it will be because of a former resident.

That resident should be known to more than just yourself or your family and his or her former residency should be verifiable and sources stated.

In nearly all cases the notable person will be someone who has populated the public domain to a lesser or higher degree at some time.

Can notable people currently living at an address be added?


If it is drawn to our attention that a current resident has been added we will take it down. We do not wish to impinge on anyone’s privacy.

What if I don’t want my address on the site, because, for example, someone was murdered here 100 years ago?

If you notify us then we will remove the record.

It is our intention to build a resource for people’s enjoyment and knowledge. We do not wish to impinge on anyone’s privacy.

Why do I need to register?

To encourage members to contribute regularly, communicate and feel ownership of the site. Also to discourage on-line vandals.

Notable Abodes will not use any email details for marketing purposes or disclose them to any third parties.

Only your username will ever appear on the site and then only in the Letter Box.

What is the purpose of the Letter Box?            

Each notable abode has a letter box which is in effect a message board or forum.

Here members can discuss the information for this address and the person/s who lived there.

It is here that miscellaneous information that falls outside the key fields can be added and discussion had.

How do I make changes to an existing record?

You can contact us via the on-line form providing sourced detail of the changes you believe should be made to any key field.

Additional information can be posted in the letter box.

If I purchase a Green Plaque do I need planning permission to display it on my house?

No, not unless there are some very special planning laws applying to your property such as some listed buildings and, of course, assuming you own the property.

When you sell the property the purchaser may request you remove the plaque.

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