Abode Guidelines

When adding an abode please try to follow the format that has evolved.

Thank you.


Always check that an address is not already on the database before adding a new one.

London on Notable Abodes is a COUNTY.

Therefore somebody who lived in Mayfair you would list Mayfair as their TOWN and London as their COUNTY.

United Kingdom is used as a COUNTRY rather than England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

House names, e.g Tree Tops, should be listed under BUILDING NAME.

Please Google your address before entering it to ascertain the correct POSTAL/ZIP CODE as this will ensure the accuracy of the map that will automatically load.

By looking at the address in Google images you will often find a picture of the property loaded in the past by estate agents. These are not normally subject to copyright and can be loaded as the ABODE IMAGE.

If you do not have an image of the ABODE it does not matter.

If you do not have any all the field details, fill in what you can.

If you have nothing to put into residence summary or person summary please move on.



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